Question: Which banks does Daleo Motors work with for Financing vehicles?
Answer: Daleo Motors works alongside 13 different lenders. Three of those being major banks. We have built strong relationships that set us apart from different dealers. We generally are able to find you the best rate possible. Here is a list of some of the banks we work with. Scotiabank, TD, Desjardin, Source One Financial, Auto Capital, Eden Park just to name a few.
Question: How long will the process take to be approved for financing?
Answer: The fastest way is to apply on our credit application on our website, once the application is complete it will be forwarded instantly to our sales team. Once received the Sales team will give you a call and go over your application and send you off for an approval. Here is the link to the application:
Question: What will my interest rate be for my loan?
Answer: That is a very important question, unfortunately there is no specific answer. Financing rates are determined by numerous different factors. Your rate is determined by your overall credit score which sits under an umbrella of things. Things that may affect your interest rate include, credit history, employment history, possibly bankruptcies, the vehicle chosen etc.  Each person is a different case and your interest rate is determined by a thorough investigation and analysis of your individual situation.
Question: What is a credit score?
Answer: A credit score is a number assigned to an individual that indicates to lenders a persons capacity to pay off or repay a loan. A credit score is sourced from a credit bureau bureaus such as Transunion or Equifax. The score of the report is designed to quickly assist financial institutions in predicting the amount of risk it would be to loan money to an individual.


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